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  1. 2016.01.27 [Ionic] ionic framework 스크롤 속도 문제


Native Scrolling

By default, Ionic 1.2 will use native scrolling on all platforms. When we first built Ionic, native overflow scrolling was very buggy in the browser, and to bring parity with features we’ve come to expect from mobile apps, such as pull-to-refresh and virtual scrolling, we decided we needed to have full control over our scroll view, so we utilized a JS scrolling technique. Generally, this worked okay on iOS but was poor on Android.

A few months ago we released a new version of Ionic with many of the core scrolling-related features implemented to work with the modern overflow scrolling on new devices and browsers (including modern Web Views on Android and Crosswalk). Today we are taking it a step further and making native scrolling the default.

In general, this should be a pretty immediate and possibly significant performance and user experience improvement to your Ionic apps,especially on Android.

However, there’s a slight possibility that the change could impact your app or any external libraries that depended on the old scrolling method, so please test with the new version.

To force Javascript scrolling, use <ion-content overflow-scroll="false">. Note: collection repeat still uses Javascript scrolling which we will phase out in 1.3.

안드로이드 환경에서 엄청나게 버벅이던 스크롤 속도가, 1.2 버전에서 패치되었습니다.

단순히 기존 프로젝트에 ionic 버전을 교체하는것만으로도 엄청난 속도 향상을 불러올 수 있습니다.

직접 테스트해본 바로는
만들다가 스크롤 속도가 엄청 느려서 포기한 프로젝트에 버전만 교체하니 스크롤이 날아다닙니다.

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